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Лазерное оборудование, материалы для лазерной гравировки и маркировки

Laser equipment

We develop and manufacture the laser equipment based on fiber lasers, gas lasers, and various other types of lasers. We produce and deliver the complete range of laser equipment component parts. We offer laser equipment upgrade and deal in modern software for the laser engraving process control.

The LDesigner Laser Equipment Our laser machines meet any challenge in laser marking and laser engraving. Our equipment is always of high technical level and reliable quality. We aim at usage of leading technologies, innovations, and steady improvement.

The F-series in LDesigner The fiber laser markers of new generation
The fiber laser emitters used in the F-series equipment surpass the preceding models in their reliability, compactness, and maintenance charges.

LDesigner F1
This economy-type table laser device is suitable for any basic laser engraving and marking work. For fine focusing, this model has the play-free vertical motion guide. This is the best choice for small-scale enterprises and entrepreneurs.

LDesigner F2
This industrial laser marker model comes with the coordinate table ensuring a large working area. It is the time-proved device for efficient and comfortable activity.

LDesigner F3
LDesigner F3 laser marking stations are developed in order to improve the laser marking process automation and to better up the operator work.
Its modular construction allows a number of designs. The laser station comes in different configurations, reach ranges, etc.

LDesigner FM (mobile)
The mobile LDesigner laser marker is a compact portable device specially designed for marking of large dimension articles.

Special F-series equipment modifications
These are the OEM manufacturing and modifications made to order. The optimal set of customized functions. Additional range of features coming from peripheral devices.

LDesigner С2 Laser marker/engraver based on gas laser
The quick-response equipment with an open working area and a wide range of options. Works fine with plastic, wood, leather, glass, and other surfaces. The OEM design is perfect for any packing marking, including those of production lines.

The laser equipment component parts and devices We deal in scanning devices (deflectors), scanator heads, focusing optical devices, shifting modules, coordinate tables, and other component units to upgrade your equipment. All the devices and their component parts are compatible with our LDesigner and with equipment produced by other companies.

The Software Our special L Designer® software is aimed at working files preparation and marking process optimization. We successfully make our software product compatible with equipment manufactured by other companies.

Laser equipment modernization We are the best experts in competent selection of the component parts and units for your laser stations. We use the latest program software. We know how to improve your equipment performance.